Our Remarkable Brands

Explore our diverse and exceptional range of brands, each offering a unique experience. From traditional Turkish delights to global favorites, we bring you the finest in taste and quality.

Indulge in the finest culinary treasures with Nimet, where quality and taste unite. From golden sunflower oil to the savory delights of vegan koftah, vegan kibbeh, and the beloved Turkish bagel. Delight in the Mediterranean magic of stuffed grape leaves and falafel, savor the rich flavors of Turkish style beef dumplings and sujuk, and experience the culinary wonder of lahmajun and cheese pastry. Nimet brings you the world on a plate with its Halal line of products.​

Embrace the essence of authentic Turkish flavors with Faruk Güllü. From the timeless artistry of Turkish baklava and an array of mouthwatering sweets to the finest halal meat products, we are your gateway to the heart of Turkey’s culinary traditions. Delight in every bite as we bring the tastes of the Ottoman Empire to your table, uniting the past and the present in a symphony of sweet and savory. Delight in happiness with long years unique experience of Faruk Güllü.​

Exclusive Brands

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